We generate value for local communities, listening to their needs and concerns and building relationships based on transparency, accountability and respect for human rights.

Our commitment to communities

We cooperate with communities to generate collective well-being, we also commit ourselves to protecting the environment and promoting social progress.

We believe that establishing constructive dialogue and good collaboration with institutions, communities and associations in the areas in which we operate is an integral part of our sustainable development strategy. We understand, in fact, that our activity has a significant impact on local communities, and we want to show how instead our identity is rooted in the desire to cooperate and seek together solutions that generate value and collective well-being.

We involve opinion groups, industry experts, trade union representatives and institutions at all levels. We keep local communities informed of our activities, such as open days or other forms of communication for the management of any complaints from local communities.

Human rights

We recognize the international principles for the respect and support of fundamental human rights in every geographic area we operate, and we want to inspire our suppliers, contractors and other business partners to adhere to the same standards.

In 2020, we performed the Human Rights assessment, based on our Code of Ethics, UN Declaration on Human Rights, ILO Conventions and UK Slavery Act on the main legal entities with a coverage of 79% of our worldwide workforce, involving the following countries: France, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Turkey, United States, China, Malaysia, Italy and Poland.

Our performances in 2020


Students benefitted from our Turkish Foundation scholarships



Households in the district heating program in Aalborg



Companies covered by Human Rights assessment

Dredger in Aalborg, Denmark
District heating and cooling, Denmark

We are committed to re-using the heat developed in cement production instead of dispersing it into the environment: for this reason, in the Danish city of Aalborg, our production plant recovers energy to provide district heating to over 36,000 dwellings, which will become 50,000 in the near future, covering about the half of its urban population.
We are also planning to use cold water present in the quarry to provide a cooling system inside the new city hospital as an efficient energy alternative to conventional electrical systems, but we want to go further: we are working on a plan to use such water to provide cooling to other buildings.

Biodiversity in Gaurain, Belgium
Life in Quarries, Belgium

Biodiversity is a value that we care about and the goal we set ourselves with the Life in Quarries program is to optimize the biodiversity potential of mining sites in Belgium.
Quarries can play a fundamental role in shaping landscapes. When they are located near urban centres, they can constitute important green corridors that animal species can use as transition zones. This is why we are committed to implementing measures to safeguard and recover biodiversity during exploitation through dynamic management, as well as to rehabilitate disused quarries to allow habitat stabilization. Recovery plans are approved by competent authorities with regard to the quarry sites located in areas of greater wildlife value.

Visit Life in Quarries website
Elazig plant, Turkey
Çimentaş Education and Health Foundation, Turkey

In Turkey we are close to low-income families through Çimentaş Education and Health Foundation, established in 1986 and committed to providing economic support and teaching materials to families and schools in the Izmir and Elazığ communities.
We have been sponsoring over 500 scholarships for the high school and university, helped to restore various school facilities near the Elazığ plant and in 1998 we contributed to the foundation of Işıkkent High School.
We constantly involve local communities in initiatives for the reduction of landscape and visual impacts of our structures closer to residential areas.

Circular economy

What for others is waste for us it is renewable fuel or raw material.

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We want to reduce our carbon footprint by limiting CO2 emissions and improving water and land management.

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We spread a culture of talent by attracting and enhancing the best professionals and ensuring a safe and motivating work environment for our people, which represent our most important asset.

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