Cementir Group has been operating in Denmark since 2004, when it acquired Aalborg Portland A/S  and Unicon A/S, Denmark's leading players in the cement and ready-mix concrete sectors, respectively. A second acquisition was finalized in 2008, when the Group acquired Kudsk & Dahl, a leading player in domestic aggregates.


Aalborg Portland is the only grey and white cement producer in Denmark with an annual capacity of approximately 3 million tons, of which 2.1 million grey cement and 0.9 million white cement. Grey cement is mainly intended for the domestic market while white cement is exported to over 70 countries under the AALBORG WHITE® brand.

The RØrdal plant in Aalborg, with its 7 kilns, is among the largest in Europe and benefits from efficient logistics, being located directly on the fjord, in the immediate vicinity of the gypsum quarry and with large limestone reserves inside of its perimeter. The plant uses cutting-edge technologies and has one of the most advanced research and development departments in Europe which has registered numerous patents, including low clinker content cement such as FUTURECEM™.

Environmental sustainability is at the heart of Aalborg Portland's business model which boasts over 60% fossil fuel replacement rate of its thermal needs. The plant currently supplies district heating to over 36,000 homes in the area which will reach 50,000 by 2022 and the construction of an 8 MW wind farm to meet its electricity needs is also underway.

Ready-Mixed Concrete

The Group operates in the concrete sector through Unicon, the market leader in Denmark. Unicon’s distinctive features are: attention to the customer, product segmentation and business diversification. High service standards and customer satisfaction are its flagship. Unicon operates a network of aggregate plants and quarries spread over the entire Danish territory. Unicon products are divided into four classes (P, M, A and E) and are certified DS / EN ISO 9001 and DS / EN 206-1 and DS 2426. Besides different types of concrete, Unicon offers a series of pre and post-sales services ranging from construction site inspection to pumping system configuration, project review and planning. Unicon is particularly attentive to compliance with environmental legislation according to DS / ISO 14001.


With the acquisition of Kudsk & Dahl in 2008, the Group became the main producer of aggregates in southern Jutland. Such products are mainly used for Unicon concrete production but are sold also to third party customers.

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Our assets

Grey cement production capacity

2,100,000 t

White cement production capacity

850,000 t

Cement plants

1 (7 Kilns)

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Rørdalsvej 44
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9100 Aalborg
Tel: +45 9816 7777
Fax: +45 9810 1186


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