Our ambition is to continuously facilitate and inspire the entire value chain from architects, engineers and producers to the end users by offering customer-oriented sustainable innovation.

By listening to customers thoughts, we have developed high value-added products aligned to global megatrends, including customization, circular economy and high-energy solutions. Our continuous innovation effort allows us to supply cutting-edge products to the building industry, offering sustainable and efficient solutions

Sustainability plays a key role within our innovation strategy. With InWhite Solutions® we have developed a range of high value-added products, including Ultra High Performance Concrete and 3D printing, in close collaboration with customers, consultants and partners.

We consider research and development a strategic and essential tool to improve both product quality and sustainability.

For us, innovation means continuously broadening our horizon by listening to the market and our customers’ needs. This approach leads us to develop new products and solutions or completely new applications capable of improving existing performance and promoting a circular economy.

Research and Development Center in Aalborg, Denmark
Research and Development Center

Together with our experts and scientists of the Research Quality and Technical Center in Aalborg, Denmark, our innovation team offers product technical supports and market-specific product and application trainings to local customers and stakeholders in all regions

Research and development is inspired by our customers and is aimed at addressing today's challenges: increasing energy efficiency, reducing construction costs and times, reducing environmental impact and meeting higher aesthetic, health, comfort and well-being standards.

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Last update: 14/12/2023 | 17:02