We offer a complete range of white cement solutions, taking artistic expression to new heights and allowing architects, engineers and contractors the freedom to choose from an unlimited range of colors, textures, shapes, sizes and patterns to accommodate a multitude of applications.

Lehigh White Cement Company operates two white cement plants located in Waco (Texas) and York (Pennsylvania) with combined cement capacity of 280 thousand tons, as well as a wide distribution network throughout the United States and Canada. We stand out as the preferred partner for our customers thanks to superior product quality, our unique range of solutions and an unparalleled service offering.

White Portland Cement is manufactured using the same process as gray Portland cement, with equivalent characteristics of strength, durability and workability. However, in order to achieve its consistently brilliant white color, only specialized raw materials and exacting process parameters must be used. The result is a versatile product that can enhance the beauty and quality of a wide variety of cement-based construction projects.

Many benefits are derived from white cement brightness and reflectivity. Due to its reflective properties, white cement in exterior surfaces can reduce air conditioning costs. When used in interior applications it can decrease the need for artificial lighting.

In addition to supplying a highly versatile, quality product, we support customers and end-users through knowledgeable customer services. We make it our business to work closely with customers, because their success is our success. 

Lehigh White Cement Company is part of the Cementir Holding Group, which owns 63.25% of its share capital, whereas Cemex owns the remaining 36.75%.

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About Cementir Holding Group and Global White Cement Leadership



Cementir Holding N.V. is a multinational Group with registered offices in the Netherlands operating in the building materials sector. With operations in 18 countries, production capacity of over 13 million tons between white and grey cement, we sell around 10 million tons of aggregates every year, 5 million cubic meters of ready-mix concrete and we represent a reference point both in the construction of infrastructures as well as in residential and commercial construction.

Cementir is world leaders in white cement with around 25% share of global traded flows and sales in over 80 countries. With its Aalborg White® brand it is the market leader in China, the United States, Western Europe, Australia, Malaysia, Egypt, offering a unique range of services in the industry: from assistance in the design phase, to technical and application support, logistics, warehousing, trading, and after-sales services.

Cementir is also the only producer of cement in Denmark and of concrete in the Scandinavian area, the third largest player in Belgium and among the main international grey cement operators in Türkiye. In Belgium it operates one of the largest aggregate quarries in Europe, with 10 million tons extracted each year. In Türkiye Cementir is active in the treatment of industrial waste that we use to produce waste-derived fuel for our cement plants. 

Cementir has set ambitious climate targets to reduce our CO2 emissions, defining a 10-year Roadmap and investments in sustainability projects of around 100 million euros in the 2024-2026 Industrial Plan including: preliminary studies for CCS in Denmark and Belgium; the kiln upgrade at the Belgian plant to increase the use of alternative fuels from the current 40% to over 70%; the transition to natural gas in some of the Group's plants, the preparation of the structures necessary for the production of  FUTURECEM®, which reduces CO2 emissions by 30%; the increase in the use of alternative fuels in Türkiye and other projects to reduce the climate impact of transport, procurement, logistics and the optimization of water resources usage, and investments in renewable energy.

In February 2024 the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) validated both near and long term decarbonization targets of Cementir, judged consistent with the 1.5°C scenario. In addition, SBTi also approved Cementir’s overall net-zero emissions target by 2050.

Cementir is rated A- by CDP for both Climate Change and Water Security and is rated for its ESG performance by all major agencies worldwide.

Our values



We believe that there can be no success without respect for the environment: we are responsible for the communities in which we live and work. It is our task to take care of our heritage while safeguarding the environment and natural resources.



We look further to anticipate and seize the best opportunities. Being dynamic and flexible is what makes us unique on the market and allows us to quickly meet our customers’ needs.

valore delle persone


We build long-lasting relationships with our employees and stakeholders. We believe it is our responsibility to recognize the merits and abilities of our people and of anyone who works with us.



We are committed to and invest in constantly improving the quality of our products. We look for the efficiency and effectiveness of our processes.

diversità inclusione


We consider diversity and inclusion a great resource. We are strongly committed to promoting the added value of cultural diversity. Our values ​​translate into a series of virtuous behaviors that highlight the professionalism and integrity, the availability, respect and collaboration of people both within the Group and in relation to the external context.

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