​Perimeter Security - Various Locations

The need for perimeter security has grown with each crisis facing our country since World War II and it has become essential to protect vital aspects of our democracy: government buildings, U.S. embassies, courthouses, airports, sports arenas, corporate buildings and even private residences. Lehigh white cement used to create anti-ram planters, bollards, spheres and barriers is the perfect solution for integrating aesthetic design into modern security.

After the Oklahoma City bombing and the Sept. 11 attacks, building owners put up rows of concrete highway barriers and mammoth planters around many office buildings. But since security concerns aren’t going away, people have begun to seek more aesthetically pleasing shields. Decorative bollards, crash-proof benches and modern-day moats are blending into the American cityscape almost unnoticed.

The term “bollard” refers to waist-high pillars made with a steel core and anchored as much as five feet into the ground, which have become the barrier of choice around many buildings. The toughest bollards meet U.S. government standards requiring them to stop a truck going 50 miles per hour. Several customers of Lehigh White have added bollards, planters and other security items to their product line.