Citizens Business Bank Arena - Ontario, CA

This multipurpose all–precast concrete arena is home to a hockey team, concerts, trade shows and community events. Its flexible floor plan covers 220,000 sq ft and its 50 ft glass facade, the “front door” to the community, bathes the interior in natural light and becomes a sparkling attraction in the evening. The wide array of unique, usable spaces was accomplished thanks to an innovative structural system. A highly cost-effective system of precast concrete stadia, raker beams, and columns produced a design free of shear walls, allowing a freer use of space, especially in the tight concourse. 

The precast concrete moment-frame design also resulted in a lower cost to build and maintain the structure. It required less detailing in design and construction and made possible a more weathertight skin that will save in long-term maintenance. Precast concrete did not just contribute an innovative structure, it also helped allow for a unique exterior. Contributing to the building’s strong horizontal focus, precast concrete panels of varying color and finish together with metal sheathing and glass created a rich and engaging building exterior that eliminates the overpowering sensation that one can experience in the presence of stadia. Overall, precast concrete played a major part in the success of this project.

Architect: Rossetti, El Segundo, CA
Architectural Precast Contractor: Clark Pacific, Fontana, CA
Structural Precast Contractor:  Mid-State Precast, Corcoran, CA
Awards: 2009 PCI Award – Best Stadium