Lehigh Cement Company LLC’s Boardroom Table

While renovating the interior of its new corporate headquarters, Lehigh Cement Company LLC wanted to showcase the architectural versatility of its flagship special product, Lehigh White Cement. Interior design consultants Rudy Hilt and Mike Ondra accomplished this in an innovative way by capitalizing on white concrete’s functional beauty to create an unusual conference table incorporating Lehigh’s origional logo and styled to be suitable in a boardroom setting.

Manufactured by Sun Precast of McClure, PA, the table was cast in four sections, resulting in an overall length of 26 feet. It is 6’8″ wide and 3″ thick at the center, narrowing to a width of 4’6″ at the ends with the thickness tapering to 1.25″ at the edges. Its total weight is an impressive 5500 pounds. Fifteen workmen were required to move the individual sections onto the freight elevator and assemble them on a wood pedestal in the fourth floor boardroom.

Composed of Lehigh White Cement and marble aggregate, the tabletop was finely ground after casting to produce an attractive and durable, highly polished, terrazzo surface.

Designers: Rudy Hilt and MIke Ondra
Precast Manufacturer: Sun Precast, McClure, PA.