Condell Medical Center - Libertyville, IL

Construction of the Condell Medical Center required building new space and renovating existing space to include an emergency room and intensive-care unit, a birthing center, a surgery department, radiology renovation, administrative spaces and other facilities. 

Load-bearing precast concrete panels manufactured by Concrete Technologies, Inc. using Lehigh white cement were specified to clad the façade for several reasons. By supporting their own load, the panels reduced the slab load and minimized interior columns, saving material costs on both the slab edging and interior. Also, designers were unsure during which time of year the façade would be constructed and using precast panels ensured they could be constructed in any weather. 

Precast was also used to design exterior columns that disguise mechanical ductwork, which was moved outside the building because of floor-to-floor heights of slightly more than 11 feet in some cases. The panels were designed to duplicate the look of a flower with a lantern-like top and a leafy bottom connected by a “stem” containing the ducts.  The results are striking.

Designer: Pratt Design Studio LLC
Precast Manufacturer: High Concrete Technologies
Awards: Honor Award from Precast Prestressed Producers of Illinois & Wisconsin