Starz Encore - Englewood, CO

Starz Encore, a company offering satellite and cable premium movie channels to subscribers nationwide, needed a high tech facility that reflected its high quality service.  To meet those goals while allowing for future expansion, a structure with an aesthetic look resembling the cut granite stone on an existing adjacent building was necessary.

Designers turned to Rocky Mountain Prestress to determine how they could match the look of the adjacent building. The result was the use of Lehigh White Cement in an all-precast structural design with load bearing exterior panels that simulate a rock cut granite along the base course and a precast entablature fronting the entries on both sides of the building.

Precast was chosen because speed and cost were the two key factors. The project offered many challenges: matching the color, texture and shape, while hiding joints between panels to replicate the look of stone blocks, designing and erecting the two entablatures that front the two entries on the building, and delivering and erecting precast panels weighing up to 70,000 pounds each. 

Architect: Barber Architecture, Denver, CO
Precast Manufacturer: Rocky Mountain Prestress, Denver, Co
Photographs: Courtesy of Barber Architecture