Melrose Commons Site 5 - Bronx, N.Y.

This affordable housing project endeavors to bring a safe, quiet environment to its tenants while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of sustainability. The five-story, all-precast concrete structure includes 63 units. Precast concrete was the construction material of choice because of its speed of erection, minimal air infiltration, durability, decreased material waste, and inherent green building properties. 

Because of the tight site and busy urban setting, one of the key challenges was the lack of space for staging or lay-down. This logistical challenge was mitigated by using an all–precast concrete building system and thin-brick veneer exterior wall panels, which enabled the project to be quickly erected with limited disturbance or impact to adjacent properties and neighbors. Currently, this project is awaiting the award of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) platinum certification, the highest rating offered in the LEED program. Upon award, this will be the first all–precast concrete housing project to receive a LEED platinum rating, proving that through the use of precast concrete, cost savings and sustainability can finally be compatible goals.

Architect: Danois Architects, New York, NY
Architect: Equus Design Group, Belmont, MA
Precast Contractor: Oldcastle Precast Building Systems, Edgewood, MD
Awards: 2009 PCI Award – Sustainable Design