The Pentagon 9/11 Memorial - Arlington, VA

Adjacent to the point of impact of American Airlines Flight 77, the Pentagon Memorial is a visually stunning and moving monument to the victims of the attack on the Pentagon on 9/11 and their families. The Memorial records the magnitude of that tragic day and memorializes those whose lives were taken.
Organized by a timeline based on the ages of these individuals, 184 Memorial Units are uniquely placed along Age Lines parallel with the trajectory of Flight 77– each marking a birth-year, ranging from 1998 to 1930.  The precast elements that make up each bench form are highly sophisticated in their design and construction.  A bench is dedicated to each victim and indicates whether the individual was aboard Flight 77 or in the Pentagon at the time of impact.

Architect: KBAS Studios, Philadelphia, PA
Cast Stone Manufacturer:  Arban & Carosi, Inc., Woodbridge, VA
Awards: 2009 APA, Design & Manufacturing Excellence –Trim/Landscape Category