CH2M Hill Corporate Headquarters - Englewood, CO

CH2M Hill is an engineering firm known for its commitment to the environment so when it built its new three-building corporate campus, it chose precast concrete wall systems. The campus’ design and integration of concrete with other ecologically safe building applications earned CH2M Hill LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. 

Concrete structures moderate daily temperature fluctuations so heating, ventilating and air-conditioning could be designed with smaller-capacity equipment, saving money and resources, and the durable precast walls require little maintenance over time. 

Recycled and locally-sourced materials contributed to LEED points. The precast wall systems used a concrete mix that incorporated an industrial byproduct as supplementary cementitious material, increasing the recycled content in the finished project.

And by using precast concrete, CH2M Hill could ship more construction materials from the local area, minimizing transportation costs, energy consumption and emissions.

The CH2M Hill campus exemplifies just some of the many cement-based solutions for sustainable development. The use of precast concrete expedited construction and provides a solid, airtight thermal envelope for each of the three buildings.

Architect: Michael Barber, Barber Architecture, Denver, Colorado
Precast Concrete Contractor: Rocky Mountain Prestress, Denver, Colorado
Supplier, Masonry Units: Acme Brick
Design Engineer:  SA Miro, Denver, Colorado​